A New Treatment Option for Migraine Patients

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Migraines aren't just bad headaches. They are an incredibly complex and, frankly relatively poorly-understood neurologic state that affect other parts of the body. Various theories have been proposed to the cause of these migraines however the exact cause still remains elusive. Contrary to medical myths that migraines must have an "aura" or some other component to make the diagnosis, the disease process is highly varied and patients can have an variety of symptoms alongside their headaches, including perceptual changes, gastrointestinal distress, sensory auras, and more. This heterogeneity is one of the reasons that patients with particularly refractory migraine disorders can be so difficult to treat. 
As an emergency physician I often see patients suffering from migraines at their worst with nowhere else to turn. In the Emergency Department, we have a growing array of medication for fast and effective migraine care however these medications are typically not available outside of the ER. One exciting new breakthrough in this field is the use of micro-dosed propofol. Early research shows that low doses of this medication can rapidly relieve migraine headaches and provide long-lasting effects, perhaps fundamentally altering the underlying disease process and allowing patients to go longer intervals without migraine episodes.
Migraine patients are often approached by some physicians with a "cookbook" approach. They're told common misconceptions like "caffeine and food are triggers," or that "exercise can be helpful." Ultimately, while these recommendations work for some people, the variety of the disease guarantees that a large percentage of patients will have refractory symptoms despite intervention in these categories---their syndromes are distinct from the more traditional go-tos. Migraine patients will always have the most success when their problems are addressed in a personalized, individualized, and evidence-based fashion. At Mullica Hill Advanced Therapies, we are the only clinic in the area offering micro-dosed propofol in addition to other cutting-edge treatments for patients suffering from migraine headaches.
Rick Pescatore, DO, FAAEM Rick Pescatore, DO, FAAEM Rick Pescatore, DO, FAAEM, is a dedicated and compassionate board-certified emergency medicine physician with expertise in headache and chronic pain management in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. As the founder of Mullica Hill Advanced Therapies, Dr. Pescatore offers a range of progressive therapeutic techniques to help patients struggling with severe depression, chronic pain, PTSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, and complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS).

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